In-person Jewelry Making Classes

At Ninety Twenty Workshop, we offer in-person classes in our friendly and well-equipped studio. Our jewelry classes are small, accessible to beginners and more advanced students, and teach a variety of subject matter, including specialty one and two-day jewelry workshops. Our teachers are resourceful, very knowledgeable, and a lot of fun to work with. Learn how to silver solder with confidence and build on your handmade jewelry making skills with every class you take. Our open studio allows you to work on your own time to complete your projects to your satisfaction.
Classes include:

  • Beginning Jewelry 1
  • Beginning Jewelry 2
  • Raising bowls from flat sheets
  • Fitted Lid Containers
  • Spoon Making
  • Band Ring Making
  • Earring and Pendant Making
  • Bangle Bracelets
  • Fold Forming
  • Cuttlebone Casting
  • Bezel Stone Set Rings
  • Chain Making
  • Playful Pins
  • Concrete Jewelry
  • Hand Forged Hair Sticks and Barrettes
  • And Much More!

  • Get creative! Get your hands dirty and make something wearable using copper, brass, and sterling silver wire and sheet metal. Explore surface texture, set stones, saw metal with a jeweler’s saw, and fabricate jewelry of your own design. Visit our main website to see what is currently offered.