Metalsmithing Classes

Ninety Twenty Workshop strives to create well rounded students by offering not only handmade jewelry making, but also metalsmithing techniques. Truly under one umbrella, custom jewelry making is metalsmithing, but also includes creating objects such as fitted lid containers, raising flat sheets of metal to create bowl and container forms, cuttle bone casting, fold forming, the ancient technique of Chasing and Repoussé and so much more. Join us as we lead you into fine small-scale metal work and handmade jewelry making. Classes include: • Raising • Chasing and Repoussé, • Fold Forming • Fitted Lid Containers • Capturing Ephemera • Felt and Metal • Spoon Making.

You’ll learn to be a master at silver soldering in no time. Our experienced instructors know exactly how to get you to understand the principles of soldering. Unlock the mystery behind this fun, useful, and satisfying process.