On-line Jewelry Classes

Ninety Twenty Workshop also offers on-line classes. Primarily geared for beginners, these classes are taught by Christine Clark, former professor at Oregon College of Art and Craft. Her 35+ years of teaching experience will guide you through some simple processes that require a minimum number of tools and the time you need to work at your own pace. Once you purchase a course, it will be yours forever. You can refer to it at any time for a refresher or for future reference for another project or class. Each of these inexpensive step-by-step classes contain a multitude of resources including where to purchase tools and materials, extra videos on helpful processes, images of past student work, charts, and alternative approaches. These classes include: • Calder-inspired brooch • Calder-inspired neckpiece 1, 2 and 3 • Making With Elements • Riveting • Piercing a Picture • Intro to Soldering/Chain Making.

We are always adding new classes and different subjects, so go to our website: https://ninetytwentyworkshop.podia.com/ and remember, the first class is FREE!

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